Funeral Prearrangement

The Healy Chapel has guided families through the funeral preplanning process for many years. Advance funeral planning is an essential element of estate planning. Individuals can meet with one of our funeral service professionals to explore all of the available funeral options, such as traditional burial or cremation services. We pay attention to every detail that is involved with a funeral service in order to create a complete understanding of the type of service that has been chosen. Once a final decision has been arrived at, there is the option to prepay for the services. The prepayment option would be especially important if the subject of the prearranged funeral is a person that is now a resident of a nursing facility whose estate is being depleted as a result of the cost of the nursing care. Preneed funeral funds can be placed in a funeral trust using the assets of the person receiving the nursing care. in the event that the estate is depleted of assets, the State of Illinois will become responsible for the nursing care expenses in conjunction with the resident's social security benefit. The advantage to the family would be that the funeral can be funded ahead of time thereby alleviating the survivors of the responsibility of paying for the final expenses. However, anyone can prepay their funeral ahead of time if they wish to. Our prepayment plan is very flexible and will be unique to each individual. Although, at Healy Chapel, there is no requirement to pay for a funeral ahead of the time of need. A primary facet of funeral prearrangement is founded upon an individual indicating his or her wishes and preferences with respect the type of funeral service that is desired. Please call to arrange for a meeting with one of our funeral service professionals if you would like to explore funeral prearrangement. For your convenience, below you will see a pre-planning form that can be completed confidentially and be forwarded to us in order to begin the prearrangement process. One of our staff of funeral professionals will reply to your submission in a timely manner to discuss your questions and concerns.

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